Hripsime Slips Away

Hripsime slips away 

Passed where Prudence 

   came out to play

Petals will shroud her,

   petals will keep her.

Hripsime slips away

   tiny curving mermaids 

   released on tadpoles, guide her to 

   disband, under 

   petals to shroud her

   petals to keep her

   they sway

   on long stems, they sway

   for She moves molecules

   glides, and slips away.

She will not settle down

She will not die 

She has perished, like a princess.

Astonishing fairy creatures

   tinier than they



As they run through the grass

She will stay, and make her bed.

Hripsime slips away

   Not true, says she, I had not a care in the world 

But the world and she are one

On every petal deposit a care

   petals will bear the weight of her

 Each heavy drop, a lightened rain.

The stars underpinned do not dim:

They blink:

   and just that fast

Hripsime slipped away